Etac Uni Universal Turner

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Minimise strain to the hand with the Etac Uni Universal Turner - a versatile tool to help with simple tasks such as turning on taps, opening or locking doors, or switching on the stove, dishwasher or washing machine. Great for painful arthritis sufferers or anyone with weakened hand strength or reduced dexterity.

The clever design makes it lightweight yet so easy to use. The comfortable angled handle supports a double-handed grip for extra leverage. A series of soft rubber hexagonal pegs at the base provide an exceptionally large gripping area. Simply place the base over the knob of the handle and gently turn the handle for a complete grip. Includes a soft strap attached to the handle, making it easy to hang around the wrist or hang up for safe storage.


  • Versatile turning device
  • Use or taps, knobs or small handles
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Angled handle for double-handed grip
  • Hanging wrist strap

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