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Free Home Demo | Central Coast

Free Home Demo | Central Coast: Power Chairs and  Mobility Scooters tested where they will be used the most

Our team at Mobility Joy cares for YOU. Your comfort, safety and the suitability of the equipment we provide to you are our reason of existence.

Trialling your mobility scooter around the area you will be using it is essential to ensure the right selection is made.

Proper training on how to drive it on specific conditions to your area is of utmost importance. Developing confidence is key to operating your mobility scooter or power chair safely. First time driving outdoor may be confronting so a little coaching will go a long way.

We understand how important it is to try mobility scooters based on the users physical constraints, strength, skill level, capabilities, health conditions and frequency of use.  These factors will determine optimum size, power required, portability, turning radius, ease of use etc.

No commitment - Free home demo. Simple!

  1. We come to your home with a selection of mobility scooters we choose based on the information you provide to us over the phone or the mobility products you choose from our website.
  2. Once at your place of choice, we will take you through the functions of the scooter and the things to watch out for on the road. We will adjust the seat, tiller and mirrors to suit. Finally, we walk by your side while you trial your mobility scooter in different settings until you feel confident you can do it on your own. We will inform you of our warranty policy and instruct you about the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures that will ensure the good functioning of your equipment for the long term and will bring peace of mind.

We are partners with the most reputable manufacturers in Australia so it is easy to find the perfect mobility scooter for you.

To book a free in-home demonstration call us today on 0421 487 456 and enjoy your ride with Mobility Joy Central Coast.

In Home Demonstration Mobility Scooters & Power Chairs trial - FREE NO COMMITMENT DEMO within the Central Coast

In Home Demonstration Mobility Scooters & Power Chairs trial - Free Trial within the Central Coast, No Commitment