Etac Support Belt 11 Handles XLarge 15 x 170cm

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This ingenious belt is a useful support aid that can be used by a carer to help some with limited mobility when sitting or standing, or as a general walking and exercise aid.
Available in five sizes to match the waist measurement of the individual user, the belt has an adjustable belt buckle for a secure yet firm fit. The handles on either side of the belt are placed diagonally. The enables the caregiver to maintain a more natural and ergonomic grip, minimising the risk of strain. The inner material of the belt is non-slip to ensure the belt remains in place without slipping or sliding.

With the belt securely in place, a carer can use the handles to gently lift or lower someone from a seated position. Alternatively, the belt can be worn by someone learning to walk again, with a carer able to hold the handles for safety in case of a fall.

This product is a useful tool when helping a person to stand up or sit down, to support walking rehabilitation or to assist during a transfer between a bed, wheelchair, chair or other seated position. The Medium size measures 1.3 metres in length and the Large size measures 1.5 metres (to fit your waist width). The maximum user weight for this product is 150 kilograms.



  • Support belt to help one sit, stand or walk
  • For use by carer to minimise strain and provide good hold
  • Diagonally positioned handles for natural grip
  • Non-slip inner surface
  • Adjustable strap
  • Two sizes available
  • Maximum user weight 150 kg


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