Etac Turner Pro

Discover the Etac Turner PRO - an invaluable aid for hospitals, aged care, or home care. Ideal for weight-bearing patients, it simplifies transfers with easy adjustments, reducing fall risks and enabling ergonomic caregiving. Enhance patient independence and safety while ensuring minimal adjustments between users. A must-have for seamless, secure transfers.

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Etac Turner PRO is the perfect tool for hospitals, aged care facilities or home care use, for patients who are able to bear their own weight when standing.

The intuitive design makes it easy to use, the only adjustments required being handle height and height of leg supports.

Reduces the risk of patient falls and ensures carers can maintain an ergonomic working position. The patient actively moves to a standing position, promoting independence and continued mobility. Allows carers to work ergonomically and maintain eye contact, while patient controls movement for enhanced security.

Requires minimal adjustment between users. Etac Turner Pro makes transferring patient large or small easy and safe.


  • The enhanced design aesthetic with smart packaging update
  • Moulded parts for easy cleaning
  • Contrasting orange coloured handle for high visibility
  • Soft, comfortable individual angled leg supports
  • Integrated anti-slip function
  • Easy swivel function with an increased safe working load of 200 kg
  • Extra lightweight (7.5 kg) and easy to transport
  • Smooth-running castors for all surface use


Specification Maxi 180
Safe Working Load 180kg / 28st / 397Ibs
Length 1225 mm
Maximum Overall Height 1840 mm
Minimum Overall Height 1240 mm
Maximum Spreader Bar Height 1660 mm
Minimum Spreader Bar Height 525 mm
Spreader Bar Height at Maximum Reach 1060 mm
Spreader Bar Reach at Maximum Height 420 mm
Spreader Bar Reach at Minimum Height 440 mm
Maximum Reach 656 mm
Turning Radius 1235 mm
Legs Open – External Width 1170 mm
Legs Open – Internal Width 1070 mm
Legs Closed – External Width 600 mm
Legs Closed – Internal Width 540 mm
Overall Height of Legs 100 mm
Ground Clearance 25 mm
Front Twin Castors 75 mm
Rear Braked Castors 100 mm


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