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" Now servicing the Central Coast with in-house staff trained to script your wheelchair, available demos for your trial and one of the shortest leadtimes of specialised wheelchair delivery in Australia "

Selection of models

The Avantgarde line consists of two main models – the DV (dynamic variable) and DS (dynamic sporty). They are the all-round products. Building on this, the front frame of the DF (dynamic and functional) variant can be adjusted in numerous ways, making it particularly attractive for initial fittings. Then there is the XXL 2 variant with a robust frame for a higher load capacity. 

Focus on lightness

For anyone who finds that lightweight still isn’t light enough, the additional option of a CLT package offers an ultralight version of the Avantgarde. More weight can be saved here thanks to a single CLT crossbrace, permanently welded components such as drive wheel adapters and push handles, the lighter seat and back support upholstery, carbon side panels and Infinity Ultralight rims.

Numerous options

The Avantgarde models are among the most versatile wheelchairs in the Ottobock wheelchair portfolio. Numerous options are available for selection, such as frame colours, side panels, handrims and push handles. Have fun configuring!

Lower weight with a high load capacity

The single crossbrace results in a significantly lower weight with a high load capacity of 100 kg. A classic double crossbrace with a load capacity of up to 140 kg is available as an alternative