BetterLiving Walking Stick Wrist Strap

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This safety wrist strap can be attached to the neck of your walking stick to help stop your stick from being dropped. The simple device has an elastic strap that attaches around the neck of your stick, with a soft, woven nylon strap that simply slips over your wrist for added safety.

This keeps the walking stick from falling In the event your hand slips off the handle or you lose your grip. It is also an easy and inexpensive way to keep both hands free while keeping your stick easily accessible at all times.

The strap is available in one standard size that suits any type of lightweight walking stick with a diameter of 16 mm up to 22 mm. The strap can be rinsed or wiped with a damp cloth to clean.


  • Attaches to the neck of your walking stick
  • Nylon cord loops around your wrist
  • Frees hands while keeping stick accessible
  • Easy elastic strap attachment
  • Fixed cord for freedom of movement