Airgo Comfort-plus™ Cane, Derby Handle

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Engineered to provide unparalleled comfort and security with every step.

Ergonomic Handle
  • Cushion-top conforms to your hand and helps reduce impact shock transfer
  • Designed to fit more comfortably in your hand.
  • Cane handle has rubber surrounds for leaning on walls and tables.

Flex-Grip Tip
  • The Flex-grip tip is engineered to provide fluid surface contact throughout the walking motion.
  • Tread design provides superior grip and also helps to absorb impact shock.

20% More Adjustable

  • 12 individual height settings offer an unparalleled range of adjustments that fits most people 5' - 6'5".
  • Cane height adjusts from 28" to 39".


Setting the Height

  • Select the push-button setting that positions the handle at wrist level, when your arm is at your side.
  • Max. weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Airgo Comfort-Plus Colors

  • 730-462, Blue
  • 730-464, Black
  • 730-466, Charcoal
  • 730-468, Olive
  • 730-470, Burgundy
  • 730-472, Coral