Cobi Crutches (Forearm - Bariatric 325Kg)

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COBI -XXL-Rehab Crutch

Exclusively designed for bariatric users weighing up to 325 kg.

Instructions for XXL-Rehab Crutch


The XXL-Rehab Crutch is a crutch with extra reinforcement, specially designed to provide support and safety while walking for bariatric users weighing up to 325 kg. If used by someone weighing more than 325 kg, there is a risk that the crutch will break or sustain damage.


The XXL-Rehab Crutch is supplied with a round clip and a through-going pin for height adjustment.

Before use

The elbow crutch height can be adjusted by removing the clip and placing the inner tube of the cane in the desired position. Stick the clip pin through the holes and then press the clip into place.

The XXL-Rehab Crutch may not be used before the height adjustment clip is pressed fully in place, otherwise there is risk that the inner tube might loosen, causing the user to fall.


XXL-Rehab Crutch Specifications 

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