Crook Handle Cane

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This lightweight, aluminium walking stick has a traditional crook (or curved) handle, covered with a soft foam grip for added comfort and security.

A crook handled stick, while sometimes slightly less comfortable than an anatomical handle (one designed to fit the shape of the hand and allow pressure to be more evenly spread across the palm of the hand) is useful because it can be hooked over the arm or chair back when not in use.

The height of the stick can be adjusted to match the height of the user an important feature when selecting the stick that is right for you. An easy, single button height adjustment mechanism allows you to adjust the telescopic leg. The tip of the stick is covered in a solid rubber tip, which can be replaced should it show signs of wear after prolonged use.

Bronze in colour, the height of the stick can be adjusted from 760mm to 990mm.


  • lightweight walking stick
  • traditional crook (curved) handle
  • soft foam covering
  • easy single button height adjustment
  • replaceable rubber tip
  • bronze colour