Celebrate Summer with Mobility Joy!!

November 25, 2020 2 min read

Mobility scooters central coast - Mobility Joy The Entrance

Summer is coming up and what better time to get out and about to enjoy the glorious ocean views of our Central Coast.

Mobility scooters are without doubt one of the easiest ways to travel short/moderate distances, combining the convenience of power transport with the sense of connection with our surroundings that we feel when walking on the street.

Our customer in Canton beach just purchased a magnificent Pride Sports rider (see picture below), he just turned 91 and happy to stay active, he holds a drivers license but decided a mobility scooter would be a better option to go get the mail and to ride around his retirement village. Worrying about traffic or finding parking is not an issue anymore.



Pride Sportsriders are large, long range scooters with 2 x 75Ah (with the option to upgrade to 2 x 110Ah batteries to get double the travel distance), 180 Kg carry capacity, flashy digital dashboard… stunning vehicles, look like Harley Davidsons but quiet, a great choice if you want to be noticed.

Our second customer was a bit more conservative and went for a compact Pride Victory mobility scooter, this is the perfect machine for someone around 5’5 who has limited parking facilities and who wants a reliable battery to do their every-day-run. She is 93 year old and  lives in Broadwater retirement village in Kincumber. Now going shopping won’t only be easier for her but more enjoyable


Pride Victories are medium perfectly sized every-day scooters, with  2 x 38 Ah batteries, they can be pulled apart for storage purposes or transportation.

We will be very happy to see you in our showroom at 193A The Entrance Rd at The Entrance to find the perfect Mobility Scooter for you, or call us on 02 4302 7133 Celebrate summer 2020 join the Central Coast Mobility community with Mobility Joy!!