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Lift Chairs

 Lift Chairs

We are constantly increasing our range of Electric Recliner Lift chairs and mobility equipment. If you don't find the item you need please call us on 0421 487 456  or send us your inquiry HERE as we most likely stock it or have access to it at a very competitive price.



Welcome to Mobility Joy!  Your specialist lift chair supplier in the Central Coast. We carry the largest range of Pride, Theorem lift chairs and Configura Comfort.

A lift chair comes with electric motors and a control system that lifts the entire chair from its base and allows you to move into a standing or sitting position smoothly and comfortably.  Besides lifting our Electric Recliner Lift Chairs would provide with further functions, usually in accordance with their number of motors:

Single motor lift chairs

Besides lifting the chair as required, single motors will support the raising of your legs at the same time the backrest is reclined. If you sit up, the backrest will assist you up whilst the footrest will be stowed under the chair. Further action on the control will lift the chair off the base assisting you to rise.

Dual motor lift chairs

The dual motor offers the same functionality as the single motor one explained above, however, you will be able to move the backrest and leg rest independently to a broader range of positions.

Tilt in space and Trendelenburg lift chairs

Pride's T3 lift chair will provide you with an additional tilt in space position and also the possibility of achieving a zero gravity position (Trendelenburg)  ie. with head lower than feet for treatments related to blood pressure or low cardiac output.

Configura Comfort

Mobility Joy proudly brings Configura Comfort lift chair to The Central Coast. This innovative product provides unprecedented functionality, customization at a minimum cost.