Pressure Care Lift Chairs


A pressure care lift chair is a specialised type of lift chair designed to provide additional support and help prevent pressure sores or ulcers in individuals who may be at risk due to limited mobility or prolonged periods of sitting.

These chairs combine the features of a regular lift chair with pressure care properties to offer a more comfortable and therapeutic seating solution for those with specific medical needs.

 Please check each product for individual specifications or come to our Erina or The Entrance mobility shop today, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist in finding the perfect chair for you

Pressure care lift chairs, also known as a pressure relief lift chairs or pressure-reducing lift chairs, are made with antibacterial/waterproof, yet breathable fabrics and layered foam cushioning designed to provide additional support.

Some of our pressure care medical chairs have additional accessories available to assist with more complex postural management such as lateral supports, back supports, padded inserts, modular cushions etc. others accessories provide advanced levels of pressure care such as alternating air cushions, or zero gravity functions for weight redistribution .

There are many ways to customise your chair to attain the perfect fit. Come to Mobility Joy and our friendly staff will be happy to make this process easy for you.