XXL - Bariatric Rehab Stand Tall Rollator

The Bariatric Walker Stand Tall Rollator, also available for hire, is not just a mobility aid; it's a multifunctional solution designed to provide secure independence for bariatric users during their walking and mobilizing activities. With a weight capacity of up to 325 kg, it ensures safe and independent movement.


The Stand Tall is a 'multifunctional aid' to provide the bariatric user with secure independence when walking. It can be used for walking and mobilizing from seated to standing, it is safe to use, gives independence, and has an IV option.

The two built-in handgrips on the side allow the user to stand up in progressive action and with minimal risk of falling.


Stand Tall Rollator is safe to use and provides independence for the user weighing up to 325 kg. Bariatric Stand Tall Rollator is mainly designed for use in nursing homes and in hospitals.

    The Bariatric Rehab Stand tall aids complete and controlled movement, allowing the user to safely take steps e.g. from the bed or chair. Sometimes known as 'High Walker', the Stand Tall is a proven mobility rehabilitation aid.

    Widely used as a rehabilitation aid, the Stand Tall adjustments provide assistance to enable users to safely stand or exit the walker. The brakes of the Stand Tall can be simply locked when getting up and sitting down. 

    Movement is aided by the four corner castor wheels.

    The Stand Tall has an optional adjustable IV pole and side plate with mounting hooks.

    The powder-coated frame of the Stand Tall is finished in blue and silver.


    Bariatric Stand Tall Rollator has two built-in handgrips on the side which allow the user to stand up in small steps from the bed or chair being in full control of the situation. This minimizes the risk of falling and therefore also minimizes the risk of injury to the caregiver or user himself. Once upright the user can walk around.

    The underarm padding is adjustable in width giving optimal support to the user. This function is supported at the full length of the bar. In addition, it has many handgrip combinations and easy adjustments, everything to make Bariatric Stand Tall easy to maneuver.

    The brakes are mounted onto the bar, useful in stops of course, but also in speed control and turning. The brakes can be locked, i.e. when getting up/sitting down.

    Using 32 mm tubing ensures an almost forever-lasting frame but also gives a much more simple look and it can be cleaned in a few seconds. IV holder and holder for urine bag are optional.


    • Boxed Length: 1110
    • Boxed Width: 780
    • Boxed Height: 810
    • Boxed Volume: 17.40322542
    • Boxed Area: 9.316008


    Excellent rehabilitation support for bariatric patients. Provides a secure sit-to-stand process, then provides stable support while enabling the patient to be mobile.

    • Adjustable height to suit user requirements
    • Easily maneuvered and adjusted
    • Simple construction allows easy cleaning and maintenance
    • The inline braking system avoids skin tears



    The maximum weight capacity is 325 kg
    Total length 76 cm
    Total width 80-92 cm
    Internal width between armrests 59-69 cm
    Adjustable height (3 cm interval) 100-130 cm
    Weight 23 kg
    Massive wheels Yes
    Frame Powder-lacquered chromium-molybdenum steel
    Hand-grips PU foam
    Underarm-padding PU foam
    Front-wheel 100 mm
    Rear wheel 125 mm
    ISO - classification ISO 12 06 12 - 06


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