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VULKAN Sacro Belt, M, Beige (Large Size: VLK-2262L)

2262 Vulkan Sacro Belt provides support and compression to the sacroiliac joints to relieve stress and instability on joints and muscles.

• Stabilises the sacroiliac joints and symphysis pubis.
• Easy to adjust with additional compression straps.

How to Wear:
Place low around the waist, fasten straps at front then adjust straps forward for extra compression.

• Back Pain
• Hip Pain
• Pelvic Pain
• Postpartum

Washing Instructions:
Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Dry in an air current, and do not expose this brace to any heat source.

Fibre Content:
• 60% Polyester
• 30% Rubber
• 10% Nylon

Sizing Chart:

Measure around waist.
XS 80 - 86cm
S 86 - 92cm
M 92 - 97cm
L 97 - 102cm
XL 102 - 110cm
XXL 110 - 118cm