Spex Standard Contour Cushion

Introducing the Spex Standard Contour Cushion, designed for users with moderate to severe positioning and pressure needs. Ideal for those with changing postural requirements, assymetrical postures, pelvic comfort, stability, and specific contouring needs. Perfect for addressing various positioning challenges.

Ocean Blue
Royal Purple
Chili Red
Bumblebee Yellow
Granite Grey
Leaf Green
Mango Orange
Calypso Pink


Designed for the user who has moderate to severe positioning and pressure requirements


This is an excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Have changing postural needs over time
  • Have a symmetrical or assymmetrical sitting posture that requires correction or control
  • Require pelvic comfort and pressure relief/distribution
  • Require a high degree of pelvic stability and specific contouring
  • Have tight hamstrings/lack of hip flexion
  • Need moderate control of abduction or adduction propensities


  • The solution for asymmetrical postures
  • Strategic contouring pads offer complete customisations on-the-spot for a perfect fit
  • Gel-foam ischial evenly distributes

Functional Benefits

Accomodate or correct pelvic obliquity

Decrease leg flexion by building up rear of cushion

Increase leg flexion by building up front of cushion

Create pre-Ischial support

Coloured outer cover options


Spare Cushion Cover                                      Spex Cushion Rigidiser


Spex 5degrees Cushion Wedge                     Spex Phone Accessory Bag


Extra Spex Strategic Positioning Base

Cushion Size Chart

  • Blue squares are standard sizes which are available on the Enable NZ MOH list, available for straight purchase. 
  • Red squares are standard sizes available for trial. 
  • Non-standard or custom sizes are available for purchase. 

 Available Colours

You can choose from Granite Grey, Ocean Blue, Royal Purple, Calypso Pink, Chilli Red, Mango Orange, Bumblebee Yellow, Leaf Green, or the standard Black, to brighten up your Spex cushion, back support, and head support!

     Granite Grey                  Ocean Blue                 Royal Purple


     Calypso Pink                 Chili Red                 Mango Orange


   Bumblebee Yellow           Leaf Green





Width Cushion Height Weight Capacity Trough Height Product Weight
8"-10" 2" 200lbs
30mm 1.5kg
11"-15" 2.5"
16"-17" 2.75" 350lbs
18"-20" 3"


Cushion Pad Specifications

Cushion Depth Number of Thigh Contouring Rows Number of Thigh Contouring Pads Number of Pelvic Contouring Pads
8-9" 2 8 2
10-13" 3 12
14-17" 4 16
18-20" 5 20
21-24" 6 24

Product Performance

This is used to compare the Spex products only.

Pressure Care       4  
Positioning       4  
Lateral Stability     3    
Offloading       4  
Changing Needs       4


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