Shifty Assist Transfer Trolley - Sit-to-Stand With Leg Spread

Introducing the Peak SHIFTY - ASSIST TRANSFER TROLLEY, a versatile mobility solution. Experience a full 150-degree turn, comfort, and low maintenance. Ideal for outdoor activities, this sleek trolley features a durable powder coat. With 10cm rear lockable castors, it offers superior ground clearance for easy indoor maneuvering. Upgrade your mobility with the Shifty Transfer Trolley.

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For those looking for the Sara Stedy Sit to Stand Aid, Mobility Joy is now proudly bringing the alternative Peak SHIFTY - ASSIST TRANSFER TROLLEY with Leg Spread

For those looking to take their mobility game to the next level, the Shifty Transfer Trolley is for you. With its ability to turn up to 150 degrees, comfortability, and low maintenance, the Shifty Transfer Trolley is the next-generation mobility tool that you need! With our sleek design and durable powder coat, it's perfect for any outdoor activity

With 10(cm) diameter rear lockable castors, the Shifty provides larger than average ground clearance for an easier wheeling inside user homes 


  • Tested to AS/NZA ISO 10535-2011
  • Smooth Powder Coating
  • Easily Clean
  • Comes with sliding Support Belt
  • Seat Board Turns 0-150 degrees
  • Two Locking Castors



  • Overall length (cm): 80
  • Overall height (cm): 107
  • Overall width (cm): 61.5 - 72.9
  • Locking castor diameter (cm): 10
  • Free castor diameter (cm): 7.5
  • Maximum load (Kg): 200
  • Net weight (Kg): 24


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