Rollz Flex

  • World first for its unique design and function
  • 25 litre shopping bag that carries up to 20kgs without sacrificing stability
  • Tight turning circle, ideal in small spaces
  • Easy folding / transporting
  • Hidden brake cables
  • High-quality materials
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Colour and Accessories
Matt Black


The Rollz Flex is an ‘incognito’ walker / rollator and is a world first for its unique design and function. Although it does not look like it, it is a fully certified walking frame designed to provide extra support for those who need it. Features include: Walking with a large bag - the Flex boasts a large 25 litre shopping bag. The bag's centrally located position on the frame means that even when loaded with up to 20kg of shopping the frame remains stable and well-balanced. Compare this to other frames with the bag or basket located on the front of the frame which can be unsafe and more prone to tipping. This bag also includes an inner bag which can be easily lifted in and out. The highest quality fittings include sustainable, hard-wearing waterproof material on the charcoal bag. Comfortable padded and stylish seat using faux leather in black. Soft tyres made from a PU/foam mix for some suspension. 8 inch wheels and short wheel base which make it very manoeuvrable and kind to your back. The Rollz Flex is perfect for those who need some support but feel they are not yet ready for a traditional walking frame. Light, strong, easy to steer and stylish, making it another great travel walker. A great companion for any mission.


The Rollz Flex is a world first for its unique design and function and is perfect for those who need some support of a walking frame but want an alternative look to a traditional walker.

A young woman walks along dock side with the Rollz Flex Walker Rollator with boats in the background.
A woman walks through a supermarket using a 'Rollz Flex' rollator with shopping bag attached


The Rollz Flex walker comes with a spacious 25-litre weather-resistant bag. It is positioned centrally on the frame and will carry up to 20kg worth of supplies without affecting its stability. The exterior bag is made from durable material that can be easily cleaned. Inside, you'll find an internal shopping bag that is simple to remove. The bag is designed to fold with the walker, allowing you to fold for easy transport and storage.


Boasting inverted handles that support an upright posture, the Rollz Flex walker is fully adjustable for height. It's short wheel base and swivel wheels also mean it's turning circle is one of the tightest on the market.

A man walks on a footpath with the 'Rollz Flex' walking frame with apartments in the background
A woman sits on a modern 'Rollz Flex' rollator on a bridge in Amsterdam, watching a canal boat.
A modern 'Rollz Flex' walker with an attached shopping bag, folded for storage, on a white background.


Like all our walkers, the Rollz Flex has a comfortable seat if you need to take a breather whilst out and about. Once you are ready to head home, the Flex folds easily for transport.


Rollz Flex Product Specifications:

  • Rollz Flex Weight: 7.7kg (reg)/ 6.7kg (small)
  • Seat height: 62cm (reg)/ 52.5cm (small)
  • Rollz Flex bag: 25 litres / 20 kg (Regular), 14 litres / 20 kg (Small)
  • Weight capacity: 125kg
  • Minimum and maximum height of user: 1.55-1.95cm (reg)/ 1.40-1.60cm (small)
  • Handle Height: 80-100cm (reg) / 69cm-81cm (small)
  • Length: 60cm
  • Width: 62.3cm
  • Folded width: 33cm
  • Seat width: 44cm
  • Wheel diameter: 8 inch


  • Seat: artificial leather.
  • Frame: welded aluminum with coating.
  • Handles: rubber (TPR)
  • Bag and inner bag: Polyester, PVC
  • Wheels: PU rubber


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