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Kimba Home

Integration as equals 

The Kimba Home mobility base is designed for indoor use. The seat angle and seat height can be adjusted in just a few seconds. This ensures the child is perfectly integrated and can always interact as an equal – whether they’re playing on the floor or eating at a table. On top of that, our Kimba seating units and custom seating shells can be installed in a few simple steps.

This way, the child can keep their familiar, individually adapted seating environment.

Options (enclosed on delivery)

  • Anti-tipper

Options for custom seating shell fabrication

  • Seating shell interface of Kimba type
  • Foot support assembly

Technical data


Size 1


Size 2

Overall width


540 mm


640 mm

Height of seating shell adapter


190 – 560 mm


190 – 560 mm

Length of base frame


610 mm


750 mm

Frame height


270 mm


270 mm

Seat angle


-5° to +35°


-5° to +35°

Push handle


1.8 kg


1.8 kg

Weight incl. Push handle


11.8 kg


13.8 kg

Max. load capacity


50 kg


75 kg


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