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The Kimba buggy has been upgraded and im- proved by users, therapists and doctors jointly. The focus was on safety, quality, individuality and comfort. The new Kimba features an airy design, extra storage space and various enhancements in day-to-day handling. It remains the ideal compan- ion for trips to the nursery and supermarket or in the car. 

Key features

  • Available in two sizes
  • Frame colours: black or white
  • Padding colour: grey
  • Frame made of high-quality aluminium
  • Seat tilt up to 40°
  • Height-adjustable push bar with ratchet joint
  • Swivelling front wheels
  • EVA wheels with wheel lock
  • Integrated anchor brackets for transportation in a vehicle for transporting persons with reduced mobility
  • Kimba seat adapter, also suitable for custom seating shell systems
  • Generous storage space under the seat (also usable as a platform for respirators)
  • Optimised rear axle suspension
  • Automatic folding lock for safely loading the outdoor mobility base into a vehicle


  • Padding in four different colours
  • Safety cord
  • Reflective colour accents (Class RA1 reflective)
  • Impact protection
  • “Techno” buggy board
  • Seating shell interface with foot support assembly
  • Drum brake
  • Foot support assembly for seating shell interface
  • Nappy bag
  • Tip-assist: left or right
  • Tray
  • Pneumatic tyres


Inlay Colours

Technical data                                    


Size 1                     


Size 2                        

Overall width                                                      



595 mm                                


665 mm                                    

Front / rear wheel diameter


170 / 280 mm


170 / 280 mm

Push handle (min. / max.)                                                      



710 – 1,160 mm


710 – 1,160 mm 

Folding size without seat (L x W x H)


790 x 595 x 460 mm


790 x 665 x 460 mm

Min. folding size with seat facing forward (L x W x H)


900 x 595 x 530 mm


970 x 665 x 590 mm

Seat tilt (min. / max.)


-40° to +10° or

-10° to +40°


-40° to +10° or

-10° to +40°

Weight of outdoor mobility base


10.5 kg


11.5 kg

Weight of seating unit



7.5 kg                                


9.5 kg                                    

Max. load, seating unit*                                                      



40 kg                                



40 kg                                    

Max. load, storage basket*


15 kg


15 kg

Max. load, outdoor mobility base


55 kg


55 kg

* The maximum permissible overall weight of the user and load in the storage basket is 47.5 kg (size 1) or 45.5 kg (size 2).


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