Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion

Meet the Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion, featuring memory foam for comfort and top-notch skin protection and positioning. Ideal for clients at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown, with moderate positioning needs, and extended wheelchair use. Requires minimal maintenance and offers lasting comfort.


Introducing the Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion, with memory foam for comfort and high performance skin protection and positioning. 

Jay Union Wheelchair Cushion is suitable for clients who are:

  • At moderate or high risk of skin breakdown
  • Have moderate positioning needs
  • Be in a wheelchair for extended periods of time
  • Requires no maintenance cushion
  • Requires soft comfortable cushion for periods of tim


  • High resiliency foam is pre contoured to provide positioning of the pelvis and thighs which encourages improved orthopedic alignment, topped with a soft Visco memory foam to enhance comfort and increase sitting tolerance. 
  • Jay Flow fluid tripad is also added to ensure proper fluid placement which reduces risk of skin breakdown. 
  • Inner cover with Aquaquard zipper and anti wicking thread to protect foam base from moisture build up and is easy to clean that helps with managing the product.
  • Outer cover by x static silver thread that is stretchable that reduces the surface tension and prevents bacterial growth.


Technical Specifications:

  • Waterlow <18
  • Width Range 14” to 24”
  • Depth Range 14” to 24”
  • Weight 2.4kgs (16”x18”)
  • Height 4.5” (3.5” Reduced Profile)
  • Weight Capacity 136kgs 227kgs (22-24” widths)
  • JAY Your Way Modifications Avail. Yes


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