Jay J2 DC Wheelchair Cushion

Meet the Jay J2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion, specially designed for clients with high skin breakdown risk, limited weight shifting ability, changing postural needs, and extended wheelchair use. It offers comprehensive support and can be customized with postural accessories for added comfort.


The Jay J2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion is a pre-contoured foam cushion that has a deep pelvic area is commonly suitable for:

  • Clients who have extremely high risk of skin breakdown
  • Clients who are not be able to perform independent weight shift or reposition
  • Clients that needs changing postural needs over time
  • Clients that needs to be in a wheelchair for extended periods of time

Jay J2 Deep Contour Wheelchair Cushion also caters a wide range of postural support accessories to accommodate user's needs.


  • Pre-contoured and closed cell foam provides stability which encourages orthopedic alignment and sitting tolerance
  • Base has increased well depth that also encourages orthopedic alignment and accommodates individual user needs
  • Incorporated with Jay Flow fluid tripad to ensure proper fluid placement which reduces skin breakdown
  • Three Available Outer Cover Options.

- Stretch: Allows proper immersion and prevents increase of pressure resulting from surface tension

- AirExchange: promotes airflow, keeping the surface and client clean and dry

- Moisture/Incontinence-Resistant: Helps with incontinence management by protecting the foam base from moisture build up



Technical Specifications:

  • Waterlow 25+
  • Width Range 14” to 24”
  • Depth Range 14” to 20”
  • Weight 2.85kgs (16”x16”)
  • Height 4.5”
  • Weight Capacity 136 kg (<22” wide) 227 kg (22”-24” wide)
  • JAY Your Way Modifications Available


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