Jay GS Wheelchair Cushion

Introducing the Jay GS Wheelchair Cushion - an adjustable cushion designed for pediatric clients with high positioning needs and moderate risk of skin breakdown. Its unique growth capabilities ensure comfort and support as the client grows.


The Jay GS wheelchair cushion is an adjustable cushion for pediatric clients that has growth capabilities to allow the cushion to grow as the client grows too. 

Jay GS Wheelchair Cushion is suitable for clients who are:

  • Have high positioning needs
  • At moderate high risk of skin breakdown


  • Incorporates a durable and stable foam base with fluid insert technology to grow with the client keeping proper support for long periods of time
  • Features a large well cutout that allows the user to sit at the front of the cushion to start
  • It's contoured foam base is highly durable which requires zero maintenance
  • Can be added a shelf extension to increase the front length of the cushion to provide support for longer leg lengths.
  • Various positioning components that helps support in different aspects. Foam base is topped with loop side velcro that allows the positioning components to be moved and rearranged as the child grows.


Technical Specifications:

  • Waterlow 20+
  • Width Range 10” to 18”
  • Depth Range 13” to 20”
  • Weight 3.1kgs
  • Height 2”
  • Weight Capacity 113kgs
  • JAY Your Way Modifications Available


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