Icare Back Cushion

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Relieve stiffness and pain

The Icare back cushion is ergonomically designed to provide correct posture and relieve stiffness and pain.

It provides targeted support and is contoured to reduce muscle strain. Pressure-relieving ActiveX™ material reduces pressure in the area of discomfort. Icare Back Cushion Elastic strap with clip. Zip-off washable cover.

Ventilated Base Fabric
Vant fabric is a three-dimensional polypropylene material that has high air permeability and is anti-bacterial. Using this in the base greatly increases air movement.

  • Reduces pressure in the area of discomfort
  • Pressure relieving ActiveX™
  • Elastic strap with clip
  • Zip off washable cover

Width: 32cm
Length: 32cm
Depth: 8-10cm

 Code: IC167