Etac Handygrip Turning Strap 5 x 160cm

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A long soft strap with an adjustable grip, designed to help you turn over or re-position yourself when laying in bed. This useful strap is also a useful tool when moving from bed to wheelchair or wheelchair to chair and so on.
It comprises a long strap with a soft looped handle and an adjustable buckle. The buckle allows you to adjust the position of the grip, as well as the length of the grip, to suit your exact needs. The strap can be attached to your bed frame at either end for optimal positioning. Simply loop it through or under the frame for a secure hold. Then place your hand into the grip and use the strap as extra leverage to pull yourself up, lower yourself down or twist yourself around in bed.

A compact tool, the soft strap is easy to roll and store in your bedside table or handbag. It measures 1.6 metres in length and can be used by someone weighing up to 150 kilograms.


  • Long soft strap with grip for use in bed
  • Helps you to reposition yourself
  • Lift, lower or turn
  • Adjustable buckle for optional grip positioning
  • Attaches to either end of the bed
  • Easy to store
  • Maximum user weight 150 kg