Etac Cloo Extra Firm Toilet Raiser With Arm Supports

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The Cloo from Etac is a height adjustable toilet seat raiser with tiltable seat and detachable armrests for added support. Simple in design yet flexible in functionality, this products suits a range of different physical needs. It is has an aesthetic design appeal to help it blend into your home bathroom environment. It fixes to your every day toilet to add height to the seat, a great advantage for people with limited mobility or who find it hard to lower or raise themselves from a standard toilet.

The arm supports fold up and away, or can be fixed in a folded down position for extra security if needed. As both armrests are detachable, Cloo can also be used with only one arm support if space around the toilet is limited.

The seat can be easily adjusted to three different heights low (600 mm), medium (100mm) or high (140 mm) for maximum versatility. Adapt the seat height to suit your changing needs, or to match the physical needs of different users. It can also be set with an the seat slanted slightly forwards (an anterior tilt). This really helps people with reduced mobility in their hips or knee joints, as the gentle forward angle reduces pressure on these joints when seated.

Cloo's toilet seat has soft moulded surfaces designed to feel comfortable against the skin and avoid any scratching due to seams. Both seat and lid can be folded upwards for easy cleaning of the bowl. The seat is designed to stay in this upright position without falling. The seat is also easy to detach altogether a great bonus for thorough cleaning and hygiene.


  • simple, elegant toilet seat raiser
  • detachable armrests either side of seat
  • mount to your existing toilet
  • three height settings
  • easy to adjust height while mounted
  • can be set with forward facing tilt
  • detachable seat for easy cleaning
  • tool-less mounting to any toilet bowl
  • maximum user weight 150 kg