CuroCell AREA Zone Self Adjusting Pumpless Air Mattress

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The CuroCell AREA Zone® self-adjusting pumpless air mattress provides pressure redistribution with self-adjusting technology – “The Pumpless Answer.”

CuroCell AREA Zone® is a self-adjusting pumpless air mattress that combines air with foam for effective pressure redistribution and comfort. It is a flexible mattress replacement system that can be used in all healthcare settings and is easy to use. The mattress is self-adjusting and non-powered. It contains nine air cells divided into zones, which adapts automatically to the user and provides an individual setting.


  • Type: Pressure redistribution air/foam mattress
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Function: Prevention & treatment up to and including category 3(1)
  • Recommended user weight: 0-230 kg(2)
  • Fire: EN 597-1, -2
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • How to Clean the cover: Wipe with a cleaning agent and/or disinfectants.
  • Machine wash max 95 °C, tumble drying.


  • Reduces shearing forces
  • Zone system in the top mattress
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Flexible and self-adjusting
  • Handles for easy transportation
  • Hygienic cover with welded seams
  • High-quality inner cover
  • Integrated heel function
  • A non-powered mattress replacement system
  • Reinforced sides for improved lateral stability
  • Helps to reduce trip hazards as there are no power leads
  • Removes the risk of electric shock as this is a non-powered mattress


The CuroCell AREA Zone® self-adjusting pumpless air mattress is specially designed to effectively aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to Category 3. It is built up with multiple layers of high-quality foam, and the special design of the mattress reduces shear forces. The built-in sloped heel function also reduces pressure on the heels.

Male, 88kg, 182 cm tall

The heel slope redistributes pressure away from the high-risk heel area

Interconnected air chambers and pressure release valves move pressure away from the body.

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