Configura Advance Mobile Care Chair

Configura Advance is the therapeutic chair to help address the needs of users with moderate to complex postural requirements, helping prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and helping carers position and assist users with complex mobility challenges.In terms of mobility aids, the Configura Advance is much more than a lift chair, it is a highly adjustable specialised chair that can adapt to a wide variety of postural requirements in many increments needing no tools. With innovative new features and improved standard features typically associated with these types of chairs, it is a cost-effective posturing solution for complex and challenging seating needs.

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Configura Advance is the therapeutic chair to help address the needs of users with moderate to complex postural requirements, helping prevent the formation of pressure ulcers and helping carers position and assist users with complex mobility challenges. In terms of mobility aids, the Configura Advance is much more than a lift chair, it is a highly adjustable specialised chair that can adapt to a wide variety of postural requirements in many increments needing no tools. With innovative new features and improved standard features typically associated with these types of chairs, it is a cost-effective posturing solution for complex and challenging seating needs.


Width adjustment from 350 mm to 500 mm 



Dropdown armrest option –

helps with transfers and sling access 




 Legrest elevation with 37 degrees of tilt-in-space



 7 degrees of forward tilt  



 ‘Reduced shear’ backrest recline  



 Depth adjustment from 400 mm to 550 mm   


 Integrated self-supply overlay 


 Continuous seat overlay for thigh support

Angle adjustable footplate


Height adjustable footplate   


Configura® Advance is appropriate for:

  • Non-ambulant users
  • Users with limited knee extension
  • Users who need to be transported from room to room
  • Moderate postural requirements
  • Users up to 160 kg
  • Complex postural requirements, g. fixtures and contractures
  • Users with stiffness or fixtures at the hips
  • Stroke and neurological conditions

 Configura® Advance is not appropriate for:

  • Users who need a riser function to transfer
  • Bariatric users

 Configura® Advance intended environment:

  • Homecare use
  • Nursing facilities
  • Hospitals

Dimensions & Specifications :

  • Fabric: Vinyl fabric with VP on all contact areas
  • Seat width options: 350 mm (14 in) – 550 mm (22 in)
  • Seat depth options: 400 mm (16 in) – 550 mm (22 in)
  • Seat height options: 330 mm (13 in) – 530 mm (21 in)
  • 37 degrees of tilt-in-space
  • 130 degrees backrest recline
  • 10 degrees of forwarding tilt
  • Weight capacity: 160 kg (25 st)


Key thoughts:

  • Three measurements are required for selecting a chair: seat depth, seat height and seat width – see drawings below for clarification.

When selecting a chair size, prioritise the chair measurements in the following order: seat depth, seat height then seat width. This will ensure the selected size is the right overall proportion for the user.

Chair Size Options         

Seat Depth

422 mm (16.5”) Pos. 1

438 mm (17.5”) Pos. 2

454 mm (18”) Pos. 3

470 mm (18.5”) Pos. 4

486 mm (19”) Pos. 5

502 mm (20”) Pos. 6

518 mm (20.5”) Pos. 7

534 mm (21”) Pos. 8

550 mm (21.5”) Pos. 9


Seat Height

*position of footrest on leg-rest

325 mm (13”)

350 mm (14”)

350 mm (14”)

400 mm (16”)

425 mm (17”)

450 mm (18”)

475 mm (19”)

500 mm (20”)

525 mm (21”)


Seat Width

350 mm (14”) Only available with dropdown armrests.

400 mm (16”)

450 mm (18”)

500 mm (20”)

550 mm (22”) As standard this will not go through a 792mm door. 

550 mm (22”) with narrow arms Only required if the chair has to go through a 792mm door.


Seat Height

609mm (24”) (standard)

533mm (21”) (lower frame mounting)


Key thoughts:

  • Selection of pressure cushions is a clinical decision which involves many variables including undertaking a risk Professional input from a Wound Nurse may be required at this stage.
  • The Advance chair features vapor-permeable fabric as standard on seat base, legrest, backrest and armrests.



Pressure Care Options

Description  Information Image
Visco cushion (standard)

Prevention: Heat-sensitive memory foam molds to the user, providing maximum support and pressure reduction. Suitable for users who are at risk of pressure damage.

160kg (25 stone) weight capacity.

Supply own cushion

Cut-out allows integration of self-supply cushion of approximate dimensions 438mm (17.5”) x 438mm (17.5”)x 75mm (3”)


Portable Cushionair Cushion Kit

Management: Powered alternat- ing air cushion which provides excellent comfort, stability and pressure relief. The pump is bat- tery powered.

160 kg (25 stone) weight capacity.

Code: CA2710


Key thoughts:

  • Tilt-in-space can significantly improve midline sitting, potentially negating the need for additional lateral support where a user tends to slump mildly to one
  • Filling can be removed from the multi-adjustable pillow backrest to accommodate different postural



Backrest options

The Advance chair has backrest recline, with a label showing the angle. There is also an option to lock the backrest at a particular angle. This needs to be reviewed when the chair is set up.


 Postural Accessories

 Description Long Description Part Number Image
Lateral Supports


used under the Multi-adjustable Pillow

Backrest cushion to provide moderate postural support

Sold as each.
Cocoon Backrest Encouragement:encourages a good midline sitting position for users whose posture is flexible. CA2711
Adjustable Lateral Support Backrest

Management/Correction:contoured foam backrest with adjustable Velcro Lateral Supports. Provides more aggressive lateral support and mild positioning/ correction.

Supplied with breathable, pressure reducing fabric.

Small CA2410

Medium CA2411

Large CA2412

50mm (2”)

Depth Adjustment Kit
Decreases depth by further 51mm (2”). CA2416


Four-point Pelvic Positioning Belt

Pelvic strap to act as a prompt to aid pelvic positioning. CA2708

Electric Operation

Battery-operated electric control of tilt-in-space and legrest elevation. Coming Soon

Dropdown Armrests

Drop armrest to facilitate side transfers and sliding access. Three armrest height settings – refer to IFU for adjusting.

Fitted as standard on chair if 350 mm width is selected.
See parts list and codes below

Profiled Headrest

Suitable for users with reduced head control. Fits over the shoulders. CA2706

External Lateral Supports

These are only compatible with the postural backrest and will be required when managing more complex postural requirements. CA2705


Full-width tray that is posi- tioned over the armrests. CA2707

Other Adjustments


Long DEscription





Forward tilt


This is standard on the electrically op- erated chairs. Forward tilt is available on the manually operated chairs as a no-cost option.

A risk assessment must be carried out if this option is to be used.





Backrest recline




Standard on the chair and can be adjusted following chair delivery.




Footplate angle


Footplate comes as standard on the chair. It is angle-adjustable and can be adjusted following chair delivery.


Cleaning instructions for the fabric

The vinyl fabric can be cleaned by applying a suitable cleaning agent from a trigger spray, in a fine mist. Agitate with a synthetic sponge and wipe off.

Interchangeable pressure cushion

The integrated pressure cushion is supplied as standard on all chairs. This allows for easy integration of alternative cushions. The size of the aperture is 430 mm x 430 mm x 76 mm (17.5” x 17.5” x 3”).

Using a cushion of this size will ensure the height of the seat and armrests remains unchanged.


Remove the backrest cushions and unzip the cushion cover to expose the foam.



Pull the foam out carefully, starting at the rear and cut the perforations at the front.


This leaves the cut-out for an alternative cushion to be inserted. Insert the cushion and rezip the cover.


Accessories include:

Cocoon Backrest

The Cocoon Backrest is our latest option to fit the Advance, Comfort and the Lite chairs. This backrest gives the client added support and comfort. It can be adjusted by changing the position or amount of stuffing in each of the 9 cells.

The “reduced shear backrest” mechanism on the Configura Advance and Comfort chairs complements this backrest by giving the client extra trunk support, whilst retaining comfort and pelvic position.

On the standard Configura waterfall backrest, the Cocoon takes the place of the two bottom cushions, creating a more comfortable and supportive seating position for the client.

Key Information & Specs

  • Fits the Configura Advance, Configura Comfort and Configura Lite
  • Easily adjustable by removing stuffing from the cells
  • Pressure reducing fabric
  • The Cocoon takes the place of the two bottom cushions
  • One size fits all sizes

Profiled Headrest – Configura Advance

The Advance profiled headrest offers increased support for the service user’s head and neck. The headrest is used alongside the backrest cushions that are fitted on the chair and is compatible with both the standard and the Postural backrest options.

Key information & specification

  • The profiled headrest is attached using 2 poppers and is easily removed
  • Suitable for users with reduced head control
  • Fabric: vapour permeable 

Postural Backrest – Configura Advance

This is Accora’s most highly customisable backrest; all three pillows are height, depth and angle adjustable, while the top two pillows feature side wings which can be adjusted to provide side support.

External lateral supports can also be fitted for further postural support on the lower back.

Key information & specifications

  • Suitable for users with moderate to severe postural requirements
  • Fabric: Vinyl, with VP on contact areas
  • All backrest cushions can have stuffing removed to help with comfort and accommodating the user’s postural needs
  • Tool-less adjustments, with easy-click adjustment system
  • Suitable for use with Configura Advance

Lateral Support Blocks

Lateral Support Blocks

The Lateral Support Blocks fit underneath the backrest pillows to provide mild posture encouragement, combined with the comfort and adjustability of the Multi-Adjustable Pillow Backrest

Key Information & Specs

  • The Lateral Support Blocks come in pairs and must be fitted by trained personnel only
  • Suitable for use with all Configura chairs

 VP Waterfall Backrest

This is the standard backrest for the Configura® chairs. Each pillow is height adjustable, and the filling can be customised to the user. Offering mild to moderate postural support, the Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest is highly effective for users with a kyphosis or a scoliosis, especially when used in the T-shaped configuration.

Lateral support can be incorporated into the pillows where required, either by customizing the stuffing or with the use of Lateral Support Blocks. The pillows can also be positioned vertically to improve the level of comfort for a patient with a kyphotic spine.

Key Information & Specs

  • Suitable for users with mild to moderate postural requirements.
  • Fabric: VP*

* Also available in Duratek fabric

  • BRMAPKT-0-CFB1-020
    • Bariatric Std & TIS
    • Bariatric Supa
  • BRMAPKT-0-CC1-220
    • Care Medium
  • BRMAPKT-0-CC2-220
    • Care Small
  • KITMAP-0-CM1-120
    • Comfort & Lite 2
  • BRMAPKT-0-CFP1-020
    • Porter
  • BRMAPKT-0-CF1-220
    • Rise & Recline all except XS
  • BRMAPKT-0-CF2-020
    • Rise & Recline Extra Small

 External Lateral Supports – Configura Advance

Fitting around the bottom pillow of both Configura Advance standard and postural backrests, these provide lateral support to the lower back.

Key Information & Specs

  • The External Lateral Supports come in pairs and are easily adjustable and removable
  • The Lateral Supports can be easily removed when the service user is being hoisted and the settings do not change
  • Suitable for use with Configura Advance chair with both standard and postural backrests

 Cushionair Cushion – Configura Advance

The Cushionair cushion is a dynamic pressure-relieving cushion which is normally recommended for users who have developed pressure damage.

The principle is that the cells of the cushion inflate and deflate alternately. This provides pressure relief via cyclic changes in loading and unloading.

There is a dial on the cushion pump which allows the cushion to be adjusted: soft through to firm. This setting is adjusted primarily in terms of comfort and is not purely based on the user’s weight.

The overlay can be fitted under the cushion, so the user is sitting directly onto the cells. The cushion however, does tend to fit better if the overlay is fitted over the top, as standard; this slightly decreases the effect of the dynamic therapy, but provides superior comfort and stability.

Key Information & Specs

All cushions are upholstered in a 4-way stretch, vapour permeable fabric and are covered with the chair ‘overlay’ which comprises 4-way stretch vapour permeable material and a 12 mm layer of visco foam.

Suitable for use with Configura Advance chair

 Drop-down Armrest – Configura Advance

Drop-down armrests can be fitted on either the left or right-hand side of the Configura chair, to facilitate the use of slings and making access easier.

The Advance drop-down armrests can be set to three different heights, to accommodate different users’ needs.

Key Information & Specs

  • Fabric: Vinyl – with VP on contact areas
  • Height settings, measured from seat base: 150, 175, 200 mm (6, 7, 8 in)
  • Fitted as standard on the chair if 350 mm (14 in) width is selected
  • Available for chair widths from 350 – 550 mm (14 – 22 in)


Specific Dimension



Seat height

533mm (21”) - 609mm (24”)

Seat width

406mm (16”) - 558mm (22”)

Seat depth

406mm (16”) - 558mm (22”)

Footplate height adjustment

330mm (13”) - 533mm (21”)

Armrest height

203mm (8”) as standard - adjustable with dropdown armrest

Overall width

685mm (27”)

Overall height – upright

1,320mm (52”)

Overall length – without footplate

939mm (37”)

Overall length – with footplate

1,295mm (51”)

Total length fully tilted, reclined and legrest elevated

1,879mm (74”)

Tilt-in-space range

7 - 37 degrees

Forward tilt

10 degrees

Backrest recline

130 degrees



14” (35.56 cm)

16” (40.64 cm)

18” (45.72 cm)

20” (50.8 cm)

22” (55.88 cm)

Standard Armrests

(excluding metal





Code: SC2568


Dropdown Arms –

16” (41cm) - 22” (56cm)




Code: CA2702


Dropdown Arms –

14” (36cm) - 20” (51cm)


CODE: CA2700




Dropdown Arms -

18” (46cm) - 22” (56cm)









CODE: CA2701

Dropdown Arms frame and

cover kit. This is not included in the above



CODE: SC2570


Seat overlay and integrated

visco cushion


CODE: SC2566


Postural Backrest


CODE: CA2709

External Lateral Supports


CODE: CA2705


Profiled Headrest


CODE: CA2705




CODE: CA2707


Footplate Kit


CODE: SC2561


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