BetterLiving Toilet Night Light

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A Night Light designed specifically for the toilet features motion and light sensors to help prevent falls in the bathroom. With 8 different colour choices or an auto colour sequence mode, the night light is placed on the edge of the toilet bowl and lights up when motion is detected in low light situations. This reduces the chance of falls, spills and accidents and improves safety in low light situations. It is great for people living with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive difficulties as well as people with poor eye sight.

The Toilet Night Light requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).


  • Provides light when needed at night to reduce risk of falls
  • Reduces the risk of spills and accidents
  • Provides colour contrast for people living with a diagnosis of dementia
  • Light and motion activated to conserve battery
  • Aesthetic design blends effortlessly into its surroundings
  • 8 different colour choices
  • Auto mode cycles through each colour automatically
  • Durable LED light Required 3 x AAA batteries (not included)