Bariatric 317Kg - Configura Chair

The Bariatric Configura Chair is a game-changing bariatric seating solution. With complete adjustability, it ensures the perfect fit for users, both before and after delivery. What sets it apart is its remarkable 127 Kg leg rest capacity, along with an independent leg-rest actuator, making it stand out among its competitors. Its robust 254Kg or 317Kg carry capacity guarantees durability and reliability. You have the option of tilt-in-space for optimal pressure distribution and pelvic stability, or you can choose the two independent motors for limitless positioning possibilities.

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  • Complete adjustability pre and post-delivery so the right fit for the user is achieved (ie. adjustable width, height and depth).  
  • 127 Kg leg rest capacity, with and independent leg-rest actuator,  setting the Configura Bariatric to lift chair well apart from its closest rivals
  • 254Kg or 317Kg carry capacity
  • Tilt-in-space for pressure distribution, pelvic stability, and easier hoisting or 2 independent motor option for infinite positioning
  • Medium-high risk pressure relief as standard
  • Vapour permeable fabric on the seat base, back rest and leg-rest
  • Optional full-size alternating pressure cushion
  • Multi-adjustable height pillow backrest, giving comfort and mild to moderate postural support to users with kyphosis or scoliosis
  • Optional lateral supports, profiled headrests and channel leg-rests 
  • Removable, washable covers for an easy clean
  • Affordability and significant savings 


  • Ambulant, semi-ambulant & non-ambulant users
  • Moderate postural requirements

  • Users with a Kyphosis

  • Users with Neurological conditions

  • Users at risk of pressure damage

  • Users with Edematous legs and/or fluid build-up


  • Demanding postural requirements

  • Users with fixtures and contractures

  • Users who need to be transported from room to room


Configura® Bariatric brings Configura® technology to bariatric seating. This offers unprecedented adjustability, flexibility and peace of mind for the prescriber. It is also available with a full width alternating air cushion to meet the needs of users at high risk of pressure damage.



  • EASY ADJUSTMENT  before and after delivery to suit varied and changing needs
  • QUICK  and easy to recycle via removable, washable covers
  • AFFORDABLE,  providing more consistent budget management and significant savings on special chairs

  •  254 kg or 317 kg capacity
  • 127 kg legrest capacity

  • Tilt-in-space option available

  • Medium-high risk pressure relief as standard

  • Independent backrest

  • Independent legrest

  • Adjustable width and depth

  • Riser function

Dual motor operation allows independent adjustment of the legrest elevation and backrest recline. This enables infinite positioning for maximum comfort and support for users with more complex requirements. A dual motor chair has four buttons on the handset. Does not have Tilt-in-Space.


Tilt-in-space improves pelvic stability and posture, pressure distribution, circulation, makes hoisting easier and reduces the tendency to slip forward in the chair. By maintaining the same angle at the hips (i.e. the same angle between backrest and seat base), and tilting the entire chair back, the user can achieve a relaxed position whilst maintaining pelvic stability. Maintaining the position of the pelvis promotes good sitting and reduces the user’s susceptibility to developing poor posture. As more weight is transferred through the trunk and less through the base, a larger seating footprint is achieved and pressure is distributed over a wider area. This reduces the risk of pressure sores in the sensitive sacral and ischial tuberosity areas. The ability to have the user’s ankles higher than the hips can also aid circulation and reduce fluid build-up in the legs.When hoisting, Tilt-in-Space enables gravity to assist in correct positioning of the user’s pelvis at the back of the chair. The independent legrest enables tilt to be used whilst lowering the legs. Suitable for users with reduced knee flexion or shortened hamstrings.




Key thoughts:

  • 3 measurements are required for selecting a chair; seat depth, seat height and seat width – see below drawings for clarity.
  • When selecting a chair size, prioritise the chair measurements in the following order: seat depth, seat height then seat width. This will ensure the selected size is the right overall proportion for the user.
  • If you cannot find the size you need, check out the other chairs in our range or contact us as we may be able to supply a special size.

How to Measure a Plus size Service User

* Seat Height. Take measurement from floor to lowest point of body mass

** Seat Depth. Take measurement from shoulder blade to the back of the calf Measurement guide applicable to Configura Bariatric Chair only.



Size Part Number Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Width


317 kg Dual Motor





















Visco (std)

Prevention: Heat sensitive memory foam moulds to the user providing maximum support and pressure reduction. Suitable for users who are at risk of pressure damage.

as per (std)

Prevention:Castellated, pressure reducing cushion for users who cannot tolerate Visco foam. Similar in performance to the Visco cushion.

Cushionair Alternating Seat Cushion w/ pump Management:Powered alternating air cushion which coupled with the memory foam and vapour permeable fabric of the overlay provides excellent comfort, stability and pressure relief. 50 stone weight capacity. CA2476
Vapour Permeable fabric on backrest Non-pressure reducing. (std)
Duratek fabric on backrest as per chair body (std) Provides improved pressure reduction.


317 kg



Key thought:

  • Tilt-in-space can significantly improve midline sitting so increased lateral support may not be necessary if the user tends to slump mildly to one side.



Long description

Part number


Multi-adjustable Pillow Backrest (std)

Accommodation:each pillow is height adjustable and filling can be customised to the user.

Offering mild to moderate postural support, the Multi-adjustable Pillow

Backrest is highly effective for users with a kyphosis or a scoliosis. Excellent for postural accommodation and comfort.





2 x Lateral Supports

Accommodation:Lateral supports to fit underneath the backrest pillows

to provide mild lateral support combined with the comfort and adjustability of the Multi-Adjustable Pillow Backrest. (As used with the Adjustable Lateral Support System below).






Profiled Headrest

Suitable for users with reduced head control. Fits over the shoulders.



Depth Adjustment Kit - see page 6

Reduces Seat Depth by 2”





Long description

Part number


Channel legrest

Provides side support on legrest to reduce abduction.


Right hand control (std)



Left hand control



Rise Setting (std)

30 degrees of tilt.



Medium Rise

20 degrees of tilt.

Only Available on 254 kg TIS Model

Battery Back Up

Provides Battery Back Up in case of power cuts. Approx 20 cycles.






(please note these are approximate)

Bariatric 317 kgs

Complete chair

104 kg


25 kg

Base part only including components

80 kg

In normal sitting


1150 mm


1300 mm


800 mm

In recline


1050 mm


1050 mm


1700 mm

In rise


1450 mm


1050 mm


1000 mm

Backrest height

1150 mm

Floor to top of arms

630 mm

Arm height

200 mm

Height to front of seat in rise

500 mm

Height to back of seat in rise

650 mm

Clean and care for the fabric on a regular basis and it will maintain its condition and appearance. The new generation of Microfibre cleaning cloths without soap are extremely effective for general care and maintenance. You can also wipe clean regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust particles and light soiling. It is recommended to vacuum the upholstery once a week.

Most stains can be removed by wiping clean. Remove spillages promptly (within 15 minutes) with cold water. For extreme soiling control use a 5% Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach) solution.

Do not machine wash or dry clean.

Do not apply other chemicals such as polish, solvents or stain remover.






Key thoughts:

  • Selection of pressure cushions is a clinical decision which involves many variables including a risk assessment tool. Professional input from a Tissue Viability Nurse or District Nurse may be required at this stage.
  • Vapour permeable fabric as standard on seat base and legrest.


PRESSURE CARE OPTIONS                       


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