Avalon Floor Lo-Lo Bed

The Avalon Floor Bed is a cutting-edge, low-low nursing bed that seamlessly fuses modern design with advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for healthcare facilities and patients. This bed offers a unique combination of features and benefits designed to enhance patient care and comfort.

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The Avalon Floor Bed combines modern design with modern technology for an incredibly versatile low-low nursing bed.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Bed can be lowered to an ultra-low height of 160mm from the floor to reduce the risk of injury from falls and minimise the need for restraints.
  • Electric high-low adjustment, backrest, knee break and Trendelenburg tilt options for maximum versatility.
  • The built-in base extension increases the bed length by a maximum of 195mm to suit various patient heights.
  • Column-less design with removable head and foot panels delivers excellent visibility of patient and superior caregiver access.
  • Powder-coated steel mainframe with a 10-year warranty for maximum strength and longevity.
  • Tente twin kick-stop braking castors for easy maneuverability.
  • Easy to use, water-resistant hand controller secures to the bed rail for ease of access.
  • Range of optional accessories to suit individual needs (collapsible side rails, backup battery, self-help pole and IV pole)



  • Extension Length: 195 mm
  • Bed Height Range (mm): 160 - 690
  • Backrest Angle: 0 to 70°
  • Knee Break Angle: 0 to 35° (4 Section Bed)
  • Trendelenburg Tilt: 0 to 14°
  • Bed Frame Weight (kg)*: 119 kg / 125 kg


  • Overall dimension: 2115 x 920 mm
  • Recommended mattress dimension: 1980 x 860 mm


  • Overall dimension: 2115 x 1090 mm
  • Recommended mattress dimension: 2020 x 1060 mm


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