Alaise Advanced Pumpless Hybrid Static Care Support Surface

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Advanced Hybrid Static Care Support Surface


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The Forte Alaise is a cutting-edge hybrid static care support surface that combines the advantages of foam and air for pressure redistribution. It provides great comfort, anatomical support, and pressure dispersion by utilizing a network of 13+ unique Air Cells. The Alaise is best suited for long-term care applications that call for the highest level of pressure care with almost no maintenance.

The Forté Alaise is an advanced Hybrid Static Care Support Surface combining together the pressure redistribution benefits of both foam and air. Utilising a series of 13+ individual Air Cells, it offers excellent comfort, anatomical support and pressure redistribution. The Alaise is ideal for long-term care applications where maximum pressure care is required with virtually zero maintenance.


Foam Core Features

4x Anatomically Zoned Air Cell Structure

  • Scapular, Pelvic, Thigh & Heel Zones
  • Maximum contact area is achieved using 5 separate 'banks' of air cells arranged in zones corresponding to anatomical locations, and a total of 13 individual, self-regulating air cells (on a single)
  • Each bank provides tailored immersion and envelopment relative to the specific size and weight of the individual.
  • Many systems currently in the market have very little control as to where the air can travel, throughout the entire mattress, and in particular side to side. Air within the Alaise is contained into cells horizontally (4+ Across) to maintain lateral stability and vertically (scapular, pelvic, calf and heel) which are preventing air 'running away' to uncontrolled areas of the mattress 

Full Length & Width Pressure Care Surface

  • Many Static Air Systems do not include the Heel section of the mattress as part of the Air System, where the air cells stop at the calf area. The Alaise incorporates air cells from head to foot
  • The Alaise will include a Full Width Air System across all sizes from Single through to Queen and King, therefore Pressure Care is then guaranteed
  • No matter where an individual is situated on the mattress and no matter what size mattress is used, the Alaise has been designed to always have the air cells across the full width of the mattress
Support / Anti-Shear Reservoir

  • Allows some air from the sacral region to redistribute to the posterior of the knee
  • The knee pit or popliteal is typically an area of the body that is not in contact with the support surface

Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer And Protection Zone

  • The Calcanei (heels) is one of the most susceptible areas of the body for a Pressure Injury to develop (accounting for approximately 40%)
  • The Alaise ensures that the heels are fully protected with dedicated air cells incorporating a heel slope with a softer Immersion area
  •  Heel slope offloads pressure from the patient's heels and transfers it to calf area
  • Unobtrusive, does not require any adjustment

Premium Firm Foundation Layer & Hinge Strengthened Sides

  • Increase l;ateral stability of support surface.
  • Improves patients safety and enciurages central patients positioning.
  • Enables ease of primary patient care & makes patient transfer more easier.
  • Unique hinge profile sides reduce foam fatigue and allows mattress to easily conform to varied bed positions
  • Provides protection against "bottoming-out" during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined / Fowler position
  • Provides exceptional comfort, support for repositioning patient care.
  • Provides protection to air system from bed base.

Super Shear Inner Cover

  • Low Friction, Anti-shearing inner cover compartmentalized to segregate the modular regions of the Alaise in turn delivering a series of shear reduction levels.
  • Dramatically reduce shearing forces at the patient interface.
  • Fine stretch Lycra based material is wrinkle free and conforms to vary bed positions
  • Provides additional protection to the mattress core.

Airoform Response Immersion Interface layer

  • High open cell elasticity for temperate stability and to maximize functionality and patient mobility 
  • Maximize patient contact with Support Surfaces Providing Pressure Redistribution
  • Alleviates localized pressure points
  • Anti-Microbial treatment applied to foam maximizes longevity and core Micro-Climate
  • Conforrms to EPUAP, NPUAP, PPPIA guidelines for quality and Comfort.
  • Firmness: Unique combination of Soft & Medium 

Easy Maintenance

» A Non-powered , self regulating system means there is minimal or no training required for set up. There are no settings that need to be adjusted between patients body type or weight.  » Every component is modular and replaceable for low ongoing operational costs  »360 degrees access zipper for ease of maintenance.
  • A Non-powered , self regulating system means there is minimal or no training required for set up. There are no settings that need to be adjusted between patients body type or weight.
  • Every component is modular and replaceable for low ongoing operational costs
  • 360 degrees access zipper for ease of maintenance.

Cover Features


Premiflex Ultra Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover

Premiflex Premium Pressure Care Upper Material

  • Premiflex PFPU1100 Pressure care upper material
  • 4way - Bi directional stretch for shear protection
  • Vapour permeable and breatable
  • Resistant to patient body fluids
  • Flexible and gentle to the skin
  • Superior resistance to cleaning agents
  • Standard Colour: Purple / Grape

Heavy Duty Base Material

  • 100% waterproof
  • Double coated Premiflex PFPU1200 Polyurethane base material
  • Protects foam core against bed base
  • Provides exceptional conformity and profiling to medical bed surface
  • Reduces Shearing forces by sliding against bed base as the bed base profiles
  • Superior resistance to cleaning agents
  • Standard Colour: Grey

Cleaning & Care

  • 10,000ppm disinfection chemical suitability
  • Wipe clean 
  • Stain resistant
  • Anti Microbial protected


  • Fire retardant 
  • Anti Microbial protected 
  • All seems High frequency welded , no expose sewn seams
  • Meets and exceeds facility requirements 
  • Material manufactured in Belgium, to Forte specification

Full Vapour Permeability

  • Allows vapour to travel right through the cover at a controlled rate
  • Reduces risk of internal infection entrapment and optimizes core Micro-Climate


  • All seems high frequency sealed and welded
  • 360 degrees - four-sided integrated zipper
  • Waterfall fluid Penetration flap 

Waterfall Zipper Protection Flap

  • Protects additional protection against fluid ingress through zipper.
  • Meets infection control Guidelines




Alaise AL1  Advanced Hybrid Static Care Support Surface



L x W x H (mm)

ALS 1000 1980 X 880 X 185 SINGLE
ALSL 1000 2030 X 880 X 185 SINGLE, LONG
ALKS 1000 1980 X 1050 X 185 KING SINGLE
ALKSL 1000 2030 X 1050 X 185 KING SINGLE, LONG
ALEW 1000 1980 X 1150 X 185 EXTRA WIDE
ALEWL 1000 2030 X 1150 X 185 EXTRA WIDE, LONG
ALD 1000 1980 X 1350 X 185 DOUBLE
ALDL 1000 2030 X 1350 X 185 DOUBLE, LONG
ALQ 1000 1980 X 1530 X 185 QUEEN
ALQL 1000 2030X 1530 X 185 QUEEN, LONG
ALK 1000 1980 X 1850 X 185 KING
ALKL 1000 2030 X 1850 X 185 KING, LONG

 Cover Warranty



 Dimensions (lxwxdmm) To suit any bed platform

Standard Cover

Premiflex Ultra with 4 sided zippers and carry handles

Therapeutic Weight Loading



BedSurface:Alrick, 2001WMKIISeriesBedIRelative Humidity:51%Ambient Temperature: 21°CHeight: 178cm Subject: 81kg, RESNA/NPIAP 50th percentile male mannequin I Duration: Pressure Mapping was captured after 6 hours of subject laying upon support surface

Pressure Mapping for the Alaisewas completed using the RESNA/NPIAP 50th Percentile Male Mannequin. The test dummy is manufactured in such a way that the major bony prominences of the human body are exaggerated, exhibiting peak pressure with no soft tissue. It would seem an initial PM view of the bony prominences (Occiput, Scapula, Sacrum, Heels etc.) appears excessive for a short interval however, the human body in fact becomes exponentially more vulnerable for these 'at-risk' regions over a longer interval with the "Damage-Spiral Initial Direct Deformation of the skin leading to Internal Inflammatory Response and then lschemia,"111 At Forte Healthcare we utilise this Pressure Mapping test, employing the use of the RESNA Mannequin, as an essential tool in our Research & Development, ensuring every customer has a Support Surface performing to its peak. Additionally we can help minimise prevalence of Pressure Injuries.

Please note: Pressure Mapping is a commonly used tool in attaining clinical data on Interface Pressures, however Forte Healthcare acknowledges "it cannot be used to conclude on internal stresses and the stress concentration levels in deep vascularised tissues, particularly muscles."121The Pressure Mapping example provided by Forte Healthcare is only intended for use as a clinical aid, "rather than a replacement to clinical judgement."131

 Ill Gefan A The future of pressure ulcer prevention is here: Detecting and targeting inflammation early. EWMA Journal 2018 19(2)

12] A. Gefen & J. Levine (2007} The false premise in measuring body-support interface pressures for preventing serious pressure ulcers, Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 315, 375-380, DOI 10.1080/03091900601165256

131 Dunk AM & Gardner A (2016) Body shape: a predictor for pressure injury risk, Wound Practice and Research, 24:2, 92-98, ISSN 2202-9729



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