Christmas Ideas 2023

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    Christmas Ideas 2023

    Discover the Joy of Enhanced Mobility This Christmas

    Are you still pondering over what to gift your parents this Christmas? Look no further than Mobility Joy, where we offer a variety of products designed to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

    Among our most sought-after gifts are the tipping kettles, a practical solution that eliminates the need to lift and pour. Say goodbye to strained hands during this everyday task, as these kettles simplify the process.

    Consider our digital clocks as another thoughtful Christmas present. With large, clear displays of date, day, time, and day segments (Morning/Afternoon/Evening), these clocks are visible from a distance. They also allow for programming up to 10 alarms, adding a touch of convenience to their daily routine.

    For a budget-friendly, aesthetically pleasing gift, explore our touch lamps. Emitting a soft, gentle glow, these lamps enhance nighttime safety in their rooms. Easy to operate, they create a cozy and calming ambiance.

    An overbed/overchair table can make a significant difference, especially for those who enjoy reading or working on their computer/tablet. Opt for split table tops, with one side tilting for comfort and the other remaining flat to hold essentials. Look for hydraulic levers for effortless height and tilt adjustments.

    If you're willing to invest a bit more, consider the super-lightweight Peak carbon fiber walkers. A stylish upgrade, perfect for those still using clunky old models or relying on shopping trolleys. Alternatively, the Peak aluminium walker offers a cost-effective yet fancy alternative.

    Is getting up from a chair a challenge due to hip or knee pain? A lift chair or standing aid might be the ideal solution. The lifting action assists them in standing up or sitting down effortlessly. For simplicity, a single motor lift chair with basic up and down buttons is foolproof. Dual motor lift chairs offer more customization but come with additional buttons—consider this before deciding.

    For an extravagant gesture, consider an adjustable bed as the ultimate Christmas present. These upholstered beds are not only comfortable and decorative but also equipped with various functions like back, legs, tilt adjustment, and massage. The Hi-Lo function, which elevates the entire bed for easy access, is especially popular among older adults, ensuring safety and comfort.

    While these suggestions highlight our best-sellers, explore our website to find the perfect Christmas gift from our range of mobility scooters, bathroom aids, and daily living collections.

    We eagerly anticipate your visit to Mobility Joy and wish you a Merry Christmas 2023 and a Happy 2024!

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