Round Scoop Plate

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Prevents Food from Spilling Over Plate Edge

The Round Scoop Dish has a high, curved back and is molded low in the front to help with the leveraging of food onto an eating utensil. It was created as an assistive eating plate. The inside rear of the dish, which has an 8-inch diameter, is 28.6mm (1-1/8") high. The plate's heavy-duty reinforced rim prevents food from being pushed or spilled off the edge of the plate while the meal is being consumed.

Aids Leverage Scooping Food onto Utensil

The adaptable plate enables people to eat meals more independently if they struggle to use a regular plate at mealtime. The plate's rubber-padded bottom will prevent it from unintentionally rolling off the table. Additionally, keeping the plate still assists people with one arm who are unable to hold the plate still to prevent it from sliding around the table's surface.

Constructed Resistant to Breaking or Scratches

The contoured lip is made to conveniently trap and scoop food, enhancing the scooping method of eating. The Round Scoop Dish is made of sturdy, unbreakable plastic and top-rack dishwasher safe, but warming food in the microwave is not advised. Several hues, including red, blue, ivory, and yellow, are offered for the meal.


  • Designed to make it simple for users to scoop and trap food with a fork or spoon against a high wall to force it onto an eating utensil.
  • The user can scoop food more easily, and the non-skid, rubberized bottom helps keep the plate from unintentionally slipping off the table.
  • The 203.2mm (8-inch) diameter, round scoop dish features a low moulded front on one side and a 38.1mm (1-⅛ inch) high, contoured wall on the opposite side 
  • BPA, phthalates and latex-free, the dish is top shelf dishwasher safe up to 180-degrees and durable for long-lasting use
  • Available as a single plate, the adaptive eating aid is available in multiple colors including: red, blue, ivory and yellow.