ProCair Quad Mattress Replacement System - Sealed Base

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The ProCair Quad is an advanced and easy use surface for patients up to high-risk optimal patient therapy and comfort; fully automated operational features; advanced safety features; easy setup, and inbuilt error and service indicators. Available in Standard and King Single models. 


  • AutoCair: No more concerns over correct pressure level settings with our AutoCair feature. This continuous automatic weight sensing technology delivers fail-safe patient comfort levels.
  • SafetyCair:  The ultimate protection from bottoming out, alternating air cells contain a lower safety cell that remains fully inflated to provide more excellent surface stability and patient safety.
  • HeelCair: Increased protection and therapy for vulnerable heels with an independent heel zone made up of narrower cells that can be disconnected as required.
  • FailSafe: An inbuilt Back-Up Battery unit reassures up to 3 hours of emergency backup power in a power failure or accidental power disconnection.
  • Automatic Fowler Boost: Fowler Boost mode automatically adjusts mattress pressure to increase support under the sacral area when the backrest is raised.
  • CairAlert: Be alerted when your patient leaves the bed with our inbuilt CairAlert feature; an optional warning alarm will indicate that the patient has gotten off the mattress.

Also featured:

  • Quick Twist CPR
  • AcuteCair Sealed Base
  • Side Bolsters



  • King Single (2000 x 1050 x 200mm)
  • Single (2000 x 880 x 200mm)



Patient Risk Category High Risk
Wound Stage 1-4
Waterlow Score 15-20
Braden Score <12
Support Surface APM ProCair Quad
Mattress Recommendations Designed for hospital and high-end age care needs. Enhances comfort with 75% support at any one time
Alternating self-setting therapy in real-time! Ensuring optimum pressure and shear reduction during bed articulation.
Battery back up that ensures continuous therapy when mains power is not connected.
Clinical Features 1-4 cell Cycle therapy in Real-Time
Full Mattress Replacement
3 Hours Battery Backup
Automatic weight sensing
with Automatic Fowler Boost in Real-Time!
SWL (kg) 40-250kg



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