HydroSense System Unit

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Effective heat management system

The Icare HydroSense is a range of unique products designed to manage and maintain a comfortable temperature. Heat sensitivity is a common issue caused by disease or immobility including multiple sclerosis, diabetes, kidney disease, reduced mobility, inflammation, and climate.

2 Year Warranty

Full range of accessories available.

Mattress Pads and Accessories are sold separately and will need to be purchased separately.

Key Feature

Water Temperature Is Regulated By The Unit


It is recommended the HydroSense unit is only lowered to a minimum of 20°C and a maximum of 35° to reduce condensation.

The HydroSense Mattress Pad should be removed from the bed and aired out at least every TWO weeks. Hand wash as required.

Also note; HydroSense units perform more effectively in a temperature controlled room.

Units should only be powered on when in use.

Key Functions

       80 Watt - less than a light bulb

          No electro-magnetic fields

 Cools to 8°C and heats to 48°C

  Whisper quiet motor



Hydrosense System Unit Brochure