Homecraft Medi-Dispenser, 162 x 118 x 28mm

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The Homecraft Medi-Dispenser is designed for keeping users on track taking daily medications and taking medicine at specific times of the day. It comes with a plastic wallet to hold seven plastic containers which hold up to four daily doses. Each container is labeled with embossed letters and numbers to denote the day and time. Size: 162 x 118 x 28mm.

Easy to Use
The Homecraft Medi-Dispenser is made to be as easy as possible for anyone to use. Time and day markings are great for sticking to a frequent medication routine. The large letters are also easy to read.

Assisted or Independent Living
This pill organiser is ideal for caretakers at assisted living homes or independent users at home. It’s easy to forget medicine but with the Homecraft Medi-Dispenser you don’t have to worry. It’s easy to see when you’ve taken medications and which ones you still have to take.