Etac Attachment Signal Device Optim

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Etac Optima arm support provides stable support when standing. This attachment for the signal device fits Optima and Optima lockable.

More info on the Etac Optima arm support:
The supporting leg has an adjustable foot which ensures perfect floor contact. The large wall plate ensures a strong fix to the wall. Etac Optima toilet arm support is available in one standard and one lockable version.

Etac Optima Lockable toilet arm support, locks in either the folded or flipped down position. The unique locking mechanism is easy to operate with one hand.


  • Toilet seat and lid with adjustable arm supports
  • 2 arm width settings; 3 arm height settings
  • Adjustable to suit children and adults
  • Detachable arms also swing sideways
  • Directly mounts to floor or wall-mounted toilets