Betterliving Door Mural Sideboard

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Great for people living with a diagnosis of dementia, these full-size self-adhesive photographic murals can be used to camouflage doors or conceal doorways that lead to high-risk areas.
For people living with a diagnosis of dementia at home, certain rooms or cupboards may pose an increased risk of danger - including doors that lead to basement stairs or other hazardous areas. These clever murals are designed to conceal these doorways and make them look like a harmless bookshelf or crockery shelf, to deter interest.

The murals are self-adhesive and can be trimmed to fit most doors. Each mural measures 2.1 metres tall by 0.9 metres wide. Easy to install, the self-adhesive vinyl will not rip or tear and can be removed and reinstalled as often as you like.

Five images available bookshelf; book and frames; crockery shelf; sideboard and pot plants.


  • Great for dementia sufferers
  • Used to camouflage doors or doorways
  • Full-size photographic mural
  • Easy to install self-adhesive vinyl
  • Can be trimmed to fit
  • Five images to choose from