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Agilitas is a brand-new, cutting-edge assistance for freezing gait, primarily related to Parkinson's Disease. When a person freezes, the device automatically shines a red laser dot into the ground. This serves as a visual indication to break the freeze and enables the individual to continue walking.

It can reestablish one's independence, mobility, and quality of life.

Describe cueing
A visible, aural, or tactile cueing signal is used to prompt or direct someone to do something, such lift their leg and take a step. According to studies, visual cueing is quite helpful at helping someone who has trouble walking take new steps

Does a visual hint function?
The neurological route that tells the body "to walk" is clogged when people have trouble walking. The visual sensory receptors in the brain are activated by a visual trigger. As a result, the individual can "step over" or "step on" the visual cue, which, for all intents and purposes, means to keep walking. This uses a separate neurological pathway.

How does Agilitas operate?
Agilitas, developed by Dr. Rodney Marsh, a specialist in Parkinson's disease and neuropsychiatry, continuously monitors the user's walking motion using an integrated motion sensor and sophisticated algorithms. It automatically recognizes a frozen episode and illuminates the ground in front of the user with a bright red laser light as a visual cue.

Who is able to utilize Agilitas?
Anyone who has trouble walking can get assistance from Agilitas. For those who are coping with Parkinson's disease symptoms, agilitas might be helpful. Step shortening or freezing of gait (FOG) when approaching impediments (such as furniture and steps) are examples of this. It also includes hesitating when starting or stopping.

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Bright Devices, an Australian technology firm founded to improve the quality of life for people with mobility impairments, is behind Agilitas.

Bright Devices' primary goal is to lessen the social effect of neurologically related movement disorders by offering cutting-edge therapeutic solutions. Its products are the result of extensive research and development over many years, and they are meant to provide new answers to daily problems utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Agilitas is the outcome of five years of development and study. Dr. Rodney Marsh, a Parkinson's disease specialist and neuropsychiatrist, devised the notion for an autonomous device to prevent gait freezing, and Agilitas was then built by Engineering New Product Design and Development Consultancy e3k.

Agilitas is a registered trademark of Bright Devices Group Pty Ltd.

Australian Patent Number 2012267220.

US Patent Number 10,251,611.

Agilitas is a smart device which will revolutionise the world of people suffering from freeze of gait and other symptoms of mobility impairment associated with Parkinson’s Disease.

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