Breezy UniX² Wheelchair

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Standard Wheelchair

A robust & safe standard wheelchair

A robust, reliable design with a full guarantee - the durable UniX2 offers two adjustable seat heights and is fitted with standard padded nylon back upholstery with fixed push handles. The sideguards can be flipped up and come with long or short adjustable armpads. Thanks to the principle of common and interchangeable parts, The UniX2 is compatible with all other products in the Breezy X-Family2.


Flip-up sideguards with adjustable armpad (Short and long comfortable armpad in one).

Seat height adjustment

Two adjustable seat heights.

Elevating footrests

Elevating footrest made of aluminium cast housing for greater stability.


Back Upholstery

Standard padded nylon back upholstery (with fixed push handles)

Seat Width: 38 - 50 cm
Seat Depth: 42 cm
Seat Height:: 47 - 51 cm
Seat Angle: 
Seat Tilt:: no
Backrest Height: 40 - 42 cm
Back Recline: no
Material: steel
Maximum User Weight: 125 kg
Total Weight: from 18 kg


Breezy Wheelchair Brochure

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