Revolution chair

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A powder-coated tubular steel frame chair with a unique, patented swivel slide seat mechanism that allows the user access to the chair and moves closer to the table edge without moving the chair's legs. Armrests are fixed and made of polyurethane: upholstered seat and open backrest with a choice of different fabrics and colours. The chair has the option of fixed height or adjustable height legs. Also available as a bariatric model.


  • Round tubular powder-coated steel frame
  • The colours available are Satin Black, Precious Silver or River Redgum and Beige. Other finishes are available on request.


  • Upholstered and with foam padding
  • Fixed or adjustable height available.
  • The height is adjusted via a spring clip telescopic leg mechanism.


  • Upholstered and with foam padding
  • Open, short backrest


  • Fixed, full-length armrests, sloping at the front of the chair for better access to a table.
  • Soft polyurethane


  • Choice of vinyl or fabric in a wide range of colours

Method of adjustment

  • The lever tab located on the right side for the seat releases the swivel and slide mechanism.
  • The seat swivels up to 180 degrees without locking in place
  • Sliding forward is done by pushing the seat forward to move the seat up to 150mm distance from the table edge
  • The seat locks at different distance intervals in the forward and backward motion

Method Of Use

  • To sit the user into the chair, release the swivel and slide mechanism by unlocking the lever tab and slide the seat backwards.
  • Position seat pan at an angle that is most accessible for the user
  • Have user seated into the chair
  • Turn the seat pan and slide forward towards the table up to150mm from the table edge.
  • Release the lever to lock in place
  • To exit the chair, pull the lever tab on the side of the seat, then gradually slide the seat pan backwards from the table, then swivel the seat away from the table so that the user can exit the chair.


  • It may be useful for those who have difficulty moving a chair up to and away from the table.
  • It may be useful for attendant staff in facilities that assists multiple users in dining activities.