ProCair Plus Mattress Replacement System Sealed Base - No Carry Bag

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The ProCair Plus is our premium solution for high-risk patients with optimal patient therapy and comfort, fully automated operational features, advanced safety features including backup battery, and advanced error and service indicators. 













  • AutoCair: No more concerns over correct pressure level settings with our AutoCair. This feature's continuous automatic weight sensing technology delivers fail-safe patient comfort levels.
  • SafetyCair: The ultimate protection from "bottoming out", alternating air cells contain a lower "safety cell", which remains fully inflated to provide more excellent surface stability and patient safety.
  • HeelCair: Increased protection and therapy for vulnerable heels with an independent heel zone made up of narrower cells that can be disconnected as required.
  • FailSafe: An inbuilt BackUp Battery unit provides the reassurance of up to 5 hours of emergency backup power in a power failure or accidental power disconnection.
  • Automatic Fowler Boost: Fowler Boost mode automatically adjusts mattress pressure to increase support under the sacral area when the backrest is raised.
  • CairAlert: Be alerted when your patient leaves the bed with our inbuilt CairAlert feature. This has an optional warning alarm signal to indicate that the patient has got off the mattress. Harnessing the best in technical innovation, our feature-rich products deliver a complete range of alternating pressure mattress solutions for high-risk patients, ensuring optimal patient therapy and comfort.



Patient Risk Category Very High Risk
Wound Stage 1-4
Waterlow Score 20-25+
Braden Score <9
Support Surface APM ProCair Plus
Mattress Recommendations They are designed for hospital and high-end age care needs.
Alternating self-setting therapy in real-time
Ensuring optimum pressure and shear reduction during bed articulation. Designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries
Battery back-up that ensures continuous therapy when mains power is not connected.
Bed exit alarm for patients with cognitive dysfunction that pose a falls risk
Clinical Features Two cell cycle therapy in real-time
Full Mattress Replacement
5 Hours Battery Backup
Automatic weight sensing
with Automatic Fowler Boost in real-time!
Heel Zone - Disconnectable
SWL (kg) 40-220kg



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