Meteor Economy 6" Rollator - Ruby

Introducing the Meteor Economy 6" Rollator in Ruby. Weighing just 7.5kg, it's incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. Equipped with locking brakes for added control, a comfy seat, and a wire basket. Perfect for those needing extra stability when moving. Features include soft touch brakes, a low-height PU seat, fold-down backrest, long-wearing finish, and a convenient basket. Imported from Nova Vietnam for quality assurance.

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The Meteor Standard Walker weighs in at 7.5kg, One of the lightest and most transportable walkers, Has locking brakes to ensure control at all times, Comes with a plastic padded seat & wire basket, Aids those who need extra support or stability when moving around, Flip-up back & 6" wheels.


  • Soft Touch Brakes
  • Special Low Height PU Seat
  • Fold Down Backrest
  • Long Wearing Finish
  • Basket Included
  • Imported from Nova Vietnam



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