Lightweight Foam Handled Left Handed Fork

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CutleryLightweight cutlery is ideal for people with arthritis. The cutlery range has a comfortable design that also makes it a good choice for anyone with a weak or painful grip. The stainless steel utensils are sealed into light grey foam handles. Ribbed handles are easier to hold and help facilitate a proper grip.

Angled Cutlery
Silverware is angled to make self-feeding simpler for those with limited wrist movement. The fork and spoon are available in right or left handed versions. The knife can be used in either hand without cocking your wrist. The rocker knife design allows for one handed use.

  • Angled silverware helps you get food into your mouth if you have limited coordination
  • Foam handles are easier to hold for people with weak grasp
  • Cutlery makes independent eating possible
  • Fork and spoon are available in left and right options
  • Hand wash only, not suitable for dishwasher
  • Latex free

Knife  Fork Spoon
 Handle Diameter:  28mm  28mm  28mm
 Handle Length:  115mm  115mm  115mm
 Angle:  90 degrees  40 degrees  40 degrees
 Weight:  60g  40g  46g