Etac Stocking Aid Socky Long Linking Device

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The Linking Device is used to connect two Socky Stocking Aids to assist when putting on tights.
A range of dressing aids to help anyone with restricted mobility when putting on socks and/or stockings. The Socky Stocking Aids from Etac make it easy to slide socks or stockings up and over feet and legs without the need to bend.

The Socky Short is specifically designed for easy sock application. The Socky Long includes a handle for enhanced grip and a plastic sheet for easy sliding. The Socky Compression is designed specifically for Compression garments. For tights, use the Linking Device to connect two Socky Aids. Simple application guides are included with every product.


  • For use with tights
  • Use to join two socky aids
  • Apply without the need to bend
  • For people with back, hip or knee problems

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