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Icare Companion Beds are the ideal solution for couples. The Companion Bed is completely stationary, with no moving parts at all and allows a partner or parent to sleep along side any Icare adjustable bed.


 Weight Rating 100kgs     5 Year Warranty

Bed Codes and Sizes:

Half Queen

Code: CBHQ

Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 750

Base Size: 2150 x 780 (as partner)

Ideal for partner configurations and small rooms

Long Single

Code: CBLS

Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 900

Base Size: 2150 x 960

King Single

Code: CBKS

Mattress Surface Size: 2030 x 1070

Base Size: 2150 x 1120

Colour Choices:





      Vinyl Ebony                     Vinyl Dove

Common Partner Configurations:

Note: Always remember that 2 long single beds together make a king size bed

Key Features

Non Adjustable                           5 Year Warranty                   Separate Headboards  



Easy To Move Companion Base    1000kgs Weight Rating      Side X Side Configurations



Center Rails Are Upholstered        Left Or Right Sleeping             No Gap Between The 

And Recessed                                   Preferences                                Mattresses


Available With Headboards


  • Weight Rating – 100kg includes any model of Icare mattresses.
  • Fabric – Hard wearing commercial grade fabric.
  • Mattress Surface – Timber slat system
  • Wheels – Furniture grade castor and glide
  • Base fixed height 345mm from floor to the mattress platform
  • Under Bed Clearance 150mm


Companion Bed Brochure