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Our Services Include:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Speed potentiometers
  • Motor and brake diagnostic and replacement
  • Check and replace the controller
  • Check and replace the circuit board

Brands We Service:

  • Merits
  • Drive
  • Pride
  • Shoprider
  • Invacare

We also offer general service, replace tyres and batteries, stock chargers and accessories.

Our highly experienced team at Mobility Joy are more than happy to help with any issues or concerns that you have when it comes to technical issues with Mobility Scooters. 

If required, we can come to you to pick up your machines. For the best mobility scooter repairs and services on the Central Coast, please call us on 1300 938 641 or email us at


 Mobility Scooter Repairs Central Coast - Mobility Joy


CASE STUDY 1. Mobility Scooter won't go, dashboard lights will flash intermittently 8 times...

g'day, just finished servicing this near brand new mobility scooter that wouldn't go.  Our customer at Hamlyn Terrace NSW, 2259 contacted us with an immaculate Mobility scooter that just had new batteries fitted in, yet, wouldn't move.  

 Mobility Scooter won't go - flashing codes - battery connections - mobility scooter repairs Central Coast - mobility Joy



You might have heard of the "flash codes" or "error codes" that show on most mobility scooters dashboards; your mobility scooter technician would have asked you for the number of flashes or beeps on your scooter when troubleshooting over the phone....

Well, on this one we had the battery gauge flashing intermittently in 8-time cycles. We inspected the controller, an S-Drive D50770.04 from PG Drives Technology. From PG manuals we know that this could be a Possible Control System Trip, PG says that "A control system trip is indicated. Make sure that all connections are secure."

By simply checking the battery connections we realised that one of them was loose, causing the system trip. Lucky this was a simple service for a quick solution.

This bring us back to the old teachings given to us by most reputable manufacturers: "STEP 1: Check battery connections.  STEP 2: repeat step 1..." A great deal of time can be saved by following this simple routine.

For Mobility Scooters Repairs in The Central Coast look no further, contact us on 1300 938 641. We are here to help you understand your mobility scooter.

CASE STUDY 2. Mobility Scooter won’t start, no lights on the dashboard, no error code, scooter is dead yet the batteries are fully charged...

This one was a tough one:  This great customer at Kariong.NSW.2250 in the Central Coast really looks after his mobility scooter. After just a year this wonderful Freedom Hurricane Grand Mobility Scooter is in immaculate condition: the 2 x large 135Amph batteries well looked after (charged overnight every night), wheels well aligned, 300mm diameter tyres pumped up to 40 PSI and the heavy duty all-round suspension working properly...mind you, this is a bariatric mobility scooter rated by the manufacturer to carry up to 250Kg.

Half a day into our diagnostic, we looked into the batteries, connections, brake and finally, the controller. We checked voltages and continuity on all harnesses and connections…We did everything we know, yet, no causes to the issue were found. It didn’t make sense that a mobility scooter would not power up the dashboard when all connections were ok.

Nowhere else to go, we had to look into the tiller. Being a near brand new mobility scooter it didn’t make sense to us that the stuff in the tiller, I mean, circuit boards with no moving parts were to have an issue…After all this was a well looked-after scooter, except, hum, well, a couple of storms have hit it as we soon after learned.

After checking voltages and continuity on all connectors and wires we pulled out the main circuit board and voilà! Little white rust marks directly under the key switch terminal.  See photo below, can you spot the white rust marks? Neither could we, I mean, not at first glance. But there they are…

Couple of days later, we are in receipt of our new main circuit board, fitted it in and as a kind of magic this mobility scooter is now good to go. 

This leaves us with a thought; mobility scooters are not water proof. None of them is and no manufacturer warrants their mobility scooters when water enters the system. Water will always find its way in; it is only a matter of time. We recommend you carry a large plastic bag with you and cover your tiller if you get unexpectedly caught in the rain or better yet use one of this ponchos to protect both you and your valuable mobility scooter from the weather

For Mobility Scooters Repairs in The Central Coast look no further, contact us on 1300 938 641. We are here to help you understand your mobility scooter.

 Mobility Scooter Repairs Central Coast - Mobility Joy - Scooter is dead, mobility scooter won't start - rusty circuit board