Kimba Family

For every life situation

The extent to which children require care is considerably different from that of adults. Devices for children have to grow with the child and need to be individually adaptable and versatile in their use. They provide everyday support and ensure maximum mobility. Choosing the correct devices can also prevent additional malformations. That’s why all products in the Kimba line were developed and tested in cooperation with doctors, therapists and users – to support children and families around the world.The product range includes five seating shell mobility bases and one seating unit. The seating unit is easy to put on and remove from any mobility base. This makes it an appropriate solution for almost any everyday situation.

Benefits at a glance

Ottobock's Philosophy

Ottobock Kimba user Mira
Parents of children with special needs often feel abandoned and wish for normality. This makes it all the more important to Ottobock that the Kimba line integrates perfectly into individual daily routines – without attracting a lot of attention. Our product portfolio accommodates ongoing physical development, provides support and enables participation in social life. The focus should be on what’s really important: Being a family.

Individual and flexible

Ottobock Kimba Home with user Emilia in the living room

The Kimba seat was developed with a broad range of options for adaptation to the individual needs of each child. It offers numerous easy-to-use adjustment possibilities for different sitting positions. It is easy to use on any mobility base in the Kimba product range.

A matter of taste

Ottobock Kimba rehab buggy with a coloured inlay

The Kimba features a timeless, elegant and high-quality design. Coloured inlays can be ordered to create colourful accents if you wish, or you can even sew your own. Coloured reflective stickers and a choice of two frame colours are also available for the Kimba rehab buggy.

Fancy a bike ride? 

Ottobock Kimba Cross as a bicycle trailer

The Kimba Cross can be converted to a bicycle trailer in just a few steps. This opens up new possibilities in an active everyday life. Not to mention that the child doesn’t have to transfer out of their usual seating unit just to go biking.


Numerous additional options and accessories are available for the Kimba products, including a sunshade, nappy bag, tray and bottle holder. The choice is yours!

Ottobock kids products 

Ottobock Cosa Active/Junior in use

Ottobock has been developing innovative products for more than 100 years. The medical technology company also offers integrated treatment. Regardless of whether the product is a prosthesis, an orthosis, a wheelchair or a Mollii Suit – people, in this case children, always come first for us.