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The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift - Mobility Joy Central Coast

The Acorn 180 is one of the world’s most innovative Stairlifts. Custom made to fit any curved staircase, with its self-levelling carriage, it moves along the modular rail system, coming to a soft stop with ease With the Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift you are bound to feel safe and comfortable on every ride.

When not in use the seat, footrest and armrests fold away neatly, taking up
minimal space on the stairs giving family members and guests access to the

Acorn’s Stairlifts are fitted to the tread of the staircase and no to your wall, which means quick and affordable installation, as no structural work are required. With Acorns stock readily available you can have your Stairlift installed quicker.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable padded seat for additional comfort.
  • Large, easy to use directional paddle control buttons.
  • Inertia reel seat belt ensure safety when using the Stairlift.
  • Folding seat, arms & footrest allow use of stairs when not in use.
  • Swivel seat for safe and easy dismounting at the top of the stairs.
  • LED display shows the status of the Stairlift.
  • Runs on a single modular Stairlift rail using FastTrack® technology.
  • 5 safety sensors as standard halt the lift at an obstruction.
  • Easy to use wireless remote controls, ideal for multiple users.


acorn stair lifts central coast - mobility joy



Max 58°

Maximum Rail Length

30 metres 1181 inches
Dimensions mm inch
A Floor to top of footrest 50 2
B Top of footrest to top of seat 485 19
C Top of seat to top of arms 245 9.75
D Top of arms to top of seat back 195 7.75
E Width between armrests 480 19
F Overall width including seatbelt 620 24.5
G Overall height 975 38.25
H Length of arms from seat back 460 18
I Length of seat base from seat back 435 17
J Length of footrest 360 14.25
K Width of footrest 375 14.75
L Front of footrest to stringer 640 25.25
M Back of seat to stringer 35 1.5
N Folded width 335 13.25
O Minimum width required to swivel at top 690 27.25
P Distance from front of rail to stringer 180 7
Q Height of leg 125 (min) 650 (max) 5 (min) 25.5 (max)
R Front of drop nose to first stair 450 17.75

This stairlift is tested and certified to:

  • Design registered with NSW Workcover for sale in Australia. Registration number LEM 6-92618/06.
  • BS EN 81-40:2008 - European safety standard - 'Specification for powered stairlifts'.
  • ISO 9386:2-2000 International standard for stairlifts.
  • CE Mark - Acorn Stairlift meets the requirements of the applicable European Directive(s).
Motor output speed No greater than 0.15 meters per second
Method of drive Rack and Pinion
Motor Power 0.375KW
Carriage Power Supply 29.6v D2C batteries
Maximum capacity 120kg
Power supply input range 100-240v AC

* NOTE: Acorn, in keeping with its policy of continual development, reserves the right to change specification without notice. All measurements are approximate.


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