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H20 wheelchair cushion combines the best of two worlds, namely water and pressure relieving foam. The pressure relieving wheelchair cushion has two water cells that ensure high pressure relief with good pressure distribution and stability. Water technology helps the temperature regulating effect and increases blood flow in the tissue. Thus, the user achieves better circulation, better healing and increased comfort.
The amount of water is carefully matched to the size of the cushion. The weight of the elements varies depending on the size of the cushion. The weight range for the elements: seat width 40-45 cm is 0.9 - 1.35 kg. From seat width 50 cm and above 1.58 kg. This ensures optimum seating comfort and pressure distribution without compromising stability.
The height of the water cells is individually adjustable by means of two wedges, allowing an ergonomically correct seating position - even in case of imbalanced pelvic where the pelvis obtains a neutral position. It is possible to adjust the height of the ”well”. The foam is anatomically shaped, which contributes to a stable positioning. To ensure that the cushion retains its stability and temperates, a thin foam cap is placed on top of the cushion.
The cushion’s elastic cover with high adaptability contributes to high comfort.
Daily maintenance is minimal.
The cushion comes with a comfort cover, which can be washed at 65°C or an incontinence cover that can be washed at 90°C.